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What can a small business loan be used for?

Ready to grow your small business?

If you answered, yes, the good news is you have a lot of options available.

The bad news is you probably don’t have the time to fully investigate every single option.

This is where an experienced, trusted lender can help. You tell the lender your business needs, and they find the best loan option available for you and your business.  You’re the final decision maker but the time-consuming research is no longer an issue.

So, let’s ask that first and important question, “Why do you want a small business loan?”


What can a small business loan be used for?
How would you grow your business with a loan?

While the list of many uses for a small business loan is not quite an endless list, there is still a lot of flexibility in how a business can use the funds.

  • Hiring new personnel – expand your business
  • Training personnel – improve your operations or grow sales
  • Updating technology – give your team the advantage over competitors
  • Marketing or advertising – increase sales and revenue, target a new market, increase market share
  • Inventory – shorten order lead time, improve competitiveness, expand your business
  • Real Estate – open a new location, expand your existing location
  • Acquisition – merge with or acquire a competitors business, purchase an existing business as your own

The most flexibility with funding is with a Business Line of Credit or Business Credit Card. Although, you might pay higher interest rates with either of these depending on your credit history and lending partner.

A conventional business loan can bring between $25,000 and $500,000 into your operations, and fixed rates run between 7% and 30%. There may be other fees depending on the lender you choose. These fees might be loan origination fees, prepayment penalty fees or others.

There are also SBA loan options for various business activities such as purchasing a business or buying real estate for a business.

If you’ve got big plans for your business and need cash to make it happen. Talk to a loan specialist from Affinity Beyond Capital. It’s our business to help you get the best loan option available.