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Equipment Financing

Are you experiencing growth? Need to replace old and worn or obsolete equipment? We can help!

Affinity Can Provide Equipment Financing For Your Business

Many of our clients are looking to grow and require new equipment. This can include large heavy machinery and manufacturing equipment to printing equipment, computers, microbreweries, farming equipment and more.

Whatever your needs, when you are ready to grow, we are here to help. Put the experts at Affinity to work for you.

equipment Asset-Based Lending

What is Equipment Financing?

Equipment financing is a form of asset-based lending. Basically, we are advancing money to you for the purpose of acquiring equipment for use in your business. Depending on what you are acquiring, those assets and potentially others may be used to secure your funding at a favorable rate.

We offer flexible terms of up to 72 months for equipment financing to be repaid. This is available for both new and used equipment to be placed into service in your business.

With flexible options, you can use the funding for one-time acquisitions, or as a line of credit, when you know you will be acquiring a number of pieces of equipment over time.

Whether you are looking for flexible equipment leasing or loans for straight acquisition, we have the solutions for your needs.

3 Ways We Help

Obtain a Decision in One Day

Our team works fast to fund you. If we receive documents fast enough, we can fund in as little as one day!

Equipment Funding Up to $25 Million

From small business funding to capital for construction, we can handle funding of nearly any size project.

Flexible Terms 12-84 Months

With short term funds for growing businesses, we can work within the terms you need.

How Our Equipment Funding Programs Work

At Affinity, we offer you as many options as possible to acquire the equipment that you need. Some clients are looking for a loan to make a purchase while others are looking to lease equipment.

No matter which path you prefer, the financing professionals at Affinity can help you secure the funding you need.

It begins with a simple application process. We need to understand the equipment you are looking to acquire, the method of that acquisition (purchase or a lease), the ability of that equipment to secure the financing, in your desired timetable to satisfy your obligations.

We present you with the best options available and help you make an informed decision.

Experienced Funding Team Delivers Results

Not all companies are created equal. Many financing companies focus on one high commission product that they tried to force on all of their clients. At Affinity, we work differently.

Rather than being limited to a particular product, we offer a tremendous range of funding options. For example, with equipment, we offer both leasing and purchase options. These can be lump-sum purchases or acquired through a business line of credit. We are able to secure with the assets being acquired or by leveraging other assets depending upon the asset in question.

In other words, where other funding companies put up obstacles, we see mutual opportunities. Let us work with you to find the best solutions for your needs.

Affinity Beyond Capital Can Approve Equipment Financing Quickly

While traditional banking can be a protracted process, equipment funding through Affinity is quick. We make the entire process easy with a very structured application process that helps ensure clients get it right the first time. In fact, 96% of clients can be reviewed and approved based on the initial submission. This saves you time, effort and money.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to acquire the equipment you need to undertake a project. Don’t lose that shot at picking up used equipment at a bargain price. We will work quickly to get you the financing you need.

Complete our online application or call our specialists at (516)743-3020 and let’s find out how our experts can help give you the lending product you need to continue growing your business.

The Funding Process at Affinity

Our financing process is a simple three-step procedure:

Step 1

Apply for Equipment Financing

Apply online using our straightforward application or speak to one of our experts. To be considered, your business has to have already been in operation for a minimum of 3 months with gross monthly sales revenue that is at least $8,000. There must also be sufficient equity in the assets used to secure the financing.

small business loan steps

Step 2

Get a Decision Quickly

In contrast to conventional financial institutions, we can approve financing quickly. The majority of approvals are made within just a day. The better prepared you are when you speak with us, the faster we can get you through the process.

Step 3

Get Approved for Equipment Funding

All funding requires an application as well as proof of your company’s income using the most recent three months of bank statements. We will need information related to the equipment being financed. After all of the information is received and approved, you could get your equipment financing in place in as little as one day.

6 Great Reasons to Work with Affinity

Our team is often asked why men and women need to use Affinity as their trusted source for small business loans. More importantly, “why do our clients keep coming back?” Have a look at some reasons why:

Fast Equipment Funding Approvals

Our underwriters do not require weeks or months in order to make a decision. The majority of our clients receive a decision within 24 hours and they are funded rapidly once all of the required paperwork is supplied.

Rapid Delivery of Funding for Equipment Acquisition

It's one thing to receive approval. It is a different thing to receive the funds. We work with you to help you get financed as soon as possible so you can get the equipment you need.

Trusted by Thousands of Customers Across the Country

Our company assists businesses nationwide with the funding they will need to attain the expansion they want.

Simple Application Process

We know how challenging it may be to work with the large bankers. Our resources make equipment financing easy.

Honest Terms

Avoid financing with hidden and unjust terms and conditions in their contracts. All of our agreements are extremely straightforward and they are intended to be reasonable for all parties.

Long Term Business Relationships

Most of our clients are repeat clients. We help clients with project after project, to enable them to take advantage of our loans to win the projects they need. We love financing for on-going growth and success!

Equipment Financing

Ways You Can Use Equipment Financing through Affinity

Our clients come to us looking for equipment financing for a wide variety of industries, including:

And remember, we are able to provide financing for both new and used equipment. This is extremely useful to allow you to draw cash out of the equipment you already own or acquire used equipment at a fantastic price.

Apply Now for Equipment Financing through Affinity

Our team is here to help you. We work hard to help you get you the financing you need.  We will assist you with your loan application and ensure we have all of the documentation needed to get you approved.

You can reach us at (516)743-3020 or click the link below to apply now.  If you aren’t ready to apply but want a quote, click here.

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