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If you have clients or relationships with people who need funding, become a referral partner!

Small Business Funding Referral Partners

At Affinity Beyond Capital we offer a generous referral program to referral partners.

Do you have a steady flow of opportunities in your business? Are you offering a product or service that requires financing, and have clients who are looking for a reliable funding source?

Whether you have an occasional or frequent referral opportunity, we are interested in speaking with you. Reach out to our referral partner manager today and let’s schedule a time to talk, discuss your opportunities and potential, and find a way to move forward together.

How Do Our Funding Referral Partnerships Work?

At Affinity Beyond Capital we have developed a very simple and straightforward referral partnership. You are able to refer your clients to us and we do all of the work from application intake to credit review, approval, and funding. We compensate you for each deal referred to us.

What Can I Earn from Your Referral Partner Program?

The referral fee on each referral can be different based on the funding product used, the dollar amount funded, the duration of the funding, the creditworthiness, and the risk of the borrower and other factors. Our referral partnership team can review this with you and advise you on the fees available to you under our funding referral program.

Is There a Cost to Be a Referral Partner for Your Funding Services?

Affinity Beyond Capital provides short-term and long-term funding options throughout the United States and Canada. Our programs provide various financing options for your clients with a simple one page application and minimal paperwork. We have programs tailored to meet the needs of almost all industries including retail establishments, restaurants, dry cleaners, florists and automotive repair shops, as well as manufacturing, medical, transportation, construction, distribution, service companies and many others.

Customized structure and terms that provide the greatest opportunity to meet the short-term and long-term working capital needs of current and potential clients. Highly competitive commissions at no additional cost to the client.

What State Can a Referral Partner Be In?

At Affinity Beyond Capital we accept referral partners from across the country unless prohibited by local law. Speak with our referral partner manager to discuss your specific situation.

Do You Have Quotas for Referral Partners?

At Affinity Beyond Capital, we have no quotas on referral partners. We do however have minimum funding amounts and avoid funding in certain industries. Our referral funding partner manager can discuss this with you in greater detail. If you have specific clients in specific industries who are of concern to you, feel free to ask and we will let you know if we are able to help your clientele.
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How Do I Get Started as a Referral Partner?

To get started as a referral partner, complete the short form below. Our financing referral partner manager will reach out to you with any additional questions and help you get started as a referral partner.