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SBA Express Loans for Small Businesses

Let us help you secure an SBA Express Loan in 1-2 weeks

Affinity Beyond Capital Can Help You Get an SBA Express Loan Fast

We can help your business secure an SBA Express Loan.  These are loans up to $350,000 which can be turned around within 36 hours.  These loans offer a number of distinctive features including:

SBA Express Loan

3 Ways We Help

Fast SBA Express Loan Decisions (36 hours)

Our team works fast to fund you. If we receive documents fast enough, we can fund in as little as one day!

Loans Up to $350,000

From small business funding to capital for construction, we can handle funding of nearly any size project.

Flexible Lengths Up to 7 Years

With short term funds for growing businesses, we can work within the terms you need.

How Our SBA Express Loan Program Works

At Affinity Beyond Capital, we help business owners find a wide range of programs for funds, including the SBA Express Loan program. These loans can carry lower fees than non-SBA loans, because they benefit from a government guarantee of up to 50% of the amount borrowed. Note that these are not government loans; these are private loans that are partially guaranteed by the government.

Affinity Beyond Capital’s team has extensive experience with SBA Express Loans and will work with you to get funded quickly. Understanding the process is key, to making sure you qualify into the program and provide all required documentation.

Whether you are looking for long or short-term financing, our team can help.

What can a small business loan be used for?

Experienced Funding Team Delivers Results

With years of experience handing SBA Express Loans, we understand the process to getting you approved.  We work hard to qualify every client possible.  In the event you do not qualify, we help provide alternative options that fit your budget and your business needs.

business loan with no collateral

Alternatives to the SBA Express Loans

In the event that your company does not qualify for an SBA Express Loan, Affinity Beyond Capital will work with you to place you into an alternate product. We offer a full range of funding vehicles for all types of businesses, and work with you to find the right fit.

The Funding Process at Affinity Beyond Capital

Our funding method is an easy three-step procedure:

Step 1


Apply on the web utilizing the straightforward application form or speak to our professionals. To meet the requirements, your business will have to meet certain criteria, and certain guarantees may be required.

small business loan steps

Step 2

Get a Decision Quickly

The exciting part of the SBA Express Loan is that you can receive approval in under 36 hours!

Step 3

Receive Your Funds

Once all material is obtained and approved, you can receive your funds in as little as 24 hours.

6 Great Reasons to Use Affinity Beyond Capital

We are frequently asked why men and women need to use Affinity Beyond Capital for their best source for loans in their business. Here are just a few reasons:

Fast Loans Decisions

Our underwriters don't require weeks or months to decide. Most customers get a determination inside of 36 hours and are usually funded quickly after all of the needed paperwork is provided.

Honest Terms

Be careful of financial products having unfair terms inside their agreements. Our contracts are extremely clear-cut and are built to be fair to all clients.

Long-Term Relationships

Most of Affinity Beyond Capital's clients are returning customers. Our staff helps customers with multiple projects, so they can take advantage of our capital to secure the ventures they want. We like to offer funds for growth!

Rapid Provisioning of Funds

It's one thing to be approved. It is another thing to get the funds. We work with you to help you get funded as fast as possible.

Respected by Thousands of Clients Nationally

Our company helps businesses nationally with the funding they will need to obtain the growth they really want.

Easy Application Process

We understand how daunting it may be to work with the big bankers. Our capital resources help to make business loans quick and simple for business owners.

Ways You Can Use Funding Under SBA Express Loan Program

As a business owner, you will notice a lot of opportunities for using an SBA Express Loan. For example, you might be providing a service to clients, selling into a holiday season, expanding a location or acquiring a competitor.

Once we lend you capital, it's intended for use within your business. You can use the funds as you decide. Undertake more business opportunities. Free up cash flow for payroll or vendors, or other business related reasons.

Examples of the companies that have used SBA Express Loans often include:

This is not an exhaustive list, and we help people in nearly all industries.

Fill Out an Application Now for an SBA Express Loan

If you are ready to get started, we are in business to help you. Fill out the quick loan application to get the loan started. Should you have questions, call us today at (516)743-3020 or submit an inquiry online making use of our contact form.

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