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Short Term Loans for Small Businesses

Are you looking for a short-term loan for your business? If yes, we are here to help!

Our Short Term Business Loans Provide Many Businesses with the Liquidity They Need

At one time or another, nearly all businesses could benefit from a short-term loan. You may be encountering seasonality in the business. You may have a special opportunity for growth or the acquisition of a competitor. You may suddenly need to update or replace equipment essential to your business.

Whatever the need, a short-term loan from Affinity may be the right solution for you.

short term loans for small businesses

What is a Short-Term Business Loan?

As the name implies, a short-term business loan is one given for a limited duration. It is not intended for long-term financing such as major equipment purchases or real estate. Rather, it is intended for short-term use.

Very often companies come to us looking for short-term business loans to take advantage of an opportunity. For example, we may have a construction company that is doing a larger than normal renovation and needs additional working capital to take on the project.

In other cases, we have clients gearing up for their peak season and need to take on additional inventory, equipment or staff to handle the impending influx.

These represent tremendous opportunities for our clients, but in many cases, they would be unable to take advantage of these opportunities without a short-term business loan.

Short-term loans can range from three months to 18 months in length. These terms can be flexible based on the client’s needs.  Most are repaid in 3 to 6 months.

3 Ways We Help

Obtain a Decision in One Day

Our team works fast to fund you. If we receive documents fast enough, we can fund in as little as one day!

Short-Term Business Loans up to $2 Million

From small business funding to capital for construction, we can handle funding of nearly any size project.

Repayment Terms of 3-18 Months

With short term funds for growing businesses, we can work within the terms you need.

qualify for a small business loan

Short-Term Business Loans Give Business Owners Flexibility

Unlike a long-term obligation, short-term loans are designed to be flexible and opportunistic. When your business comes across exceptional opportunities, you need to take advantage of them. 

Is a distributor running a closeout sale on an item you know you can move quickly? Are you able to buy out a competitor and use the revenue from that business to repay the loan? Do you need to purchase equipment for growth and expansion and know that you can repay it quickly? If yes, a short-term business loan may be for you.

These loans are given in a lump sum and are repaid over a short time. The key concept: working capital when you need it.

We are the Short Term Business Loan Specialists

The seasoned professionals at Affinity understand what it takes to get a short-term loan done for you. By their nature, they are short in duration. They offer you quick working capital. Most importantly, you cannot wait for months for a decision.

Applying for a short-term business loan is an easy process with Affinity. Simply complete our loan application form online, or call one of our professionals for assistance. If you are not ready for a loan but would like a quote on rates, complete our quote form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Affinity Beyond Capital Approve Short-Term Business Loans Fast

We receive applications for short-term business loans every day and are able to get our clients approved quickly. In order to do so, you need to be able to provide required documentation when submitting your application.

Once approved, you can use the funds in nearly any business including:

Complete our online application or call our specialists at (516)743-3020 and let’s find out how our experts can help give you the funding you need to continue growing your business.
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The Funding Process at Affinity

Step 1

Apply for a Short-Term Business Loan

We make it easy for you. Just complete our short online loan application form and receive a decision quickly. Businesses applying must be in business at least three months with at least $8,000 in monthly revenue.

small business loan steps

Step 2

Application Review

Once received, your application will be processed and reviewed quickly. Our team knows that you need access to the funds and will work as quickly as possible on your behalf.

Step 3

Get Approved Fast for a Short Term Business Loan

Decisions are made fast based on the information provided. We will let you know if we are able to provide funding and how quickly you can receive those funds.

As soon as you are approved, we will make funding available for disbursement to you. You can then use it for whatever purpose in your business you choose!

6 Reasons Why You Should Work with Affinity For Your Small Business Loans

As you read this information, you may ask yourself why you should work with Affinity. Here are some of the reasons often cited by our thousands of happy clients:

Rapid Delivery of Funding

It is one thing to receive approval. It's another thing to receive the money. We all work with you to get you financed as quickly as possible.

Rapid Financing Approvals

Our underwriters do not require months in order to approve your application. A good number of clients get a decision in just 24 hours and are funded quickly after all the necessary documentation is provided.

We Provide an Easy To Use Application

We understand how daunting it may be to work with the big banks. Our business loan resources help to make commercial loans fast and easy for businesses.

Relied on by Several Thousand Clients Across the Country

Our team assists businesses of all types nationwide with the capital they need to attain the expansion they want.

Honest Terms

Avoid lending options with illegal terms inside their agreements. All of our legal agreements are extremely easy to understand and they are made to be reasonable to all clients.

Long-Term Relationships

The majority of our clients are returning customers. Our team helps our clientele with repeated funding, to allow them to take advantage of our loans to win the projects they want. We love business loans for growth!

Apply today through Affinity

We would love the opportunity to earn your business. If you are ready to apply for funding, complete this application. If you are not ready to apply but are looking for a quote, complete the short form in one of our professionals who will reach out and provide a quote to you. Thank you and we look forward to helping you!
Short Term Business Loan

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