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Commercial Real Estate Lending

Need long or short term capital for commercial real estate? We can help you secure funding.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Affinity Can Provide Funding for Commercial Real Estate Projects

Are you undertaking a commercial real estate project? Do you have an opportunity to pick up property at an exceptional value? Affinity’s commercial real estate lending solutions can help you get that deal done! From short-term to long-term lending products, we are able to help.

What Is Different About Commercial Real Estate Lending at Affinity?

Commercial real estate loans are typically loans on real estate where the borrower occupies at least 51% of the building.  Down payments are typically in the 20 to 30% range, although this can vary.

The loan is secured with a lien on the property. We are able to take all factors into consideration including the nature of the property, the creditworthiness of the borrower, the use of the property, financial ratios and more. We work hard with our clients to help get the deal done!

3 Ways We Help

Fast Approval Process

Our team works fast to fund you. If we receive documents fast enough, we can fund in as little as one day!

Commercial Real Estate Funding Up to $25 Million

From small business funding to capital for construction, we can handle funding of nearly any size project.

Flexible Repayment Terms

With short term funds for growing businesses, we can work within the terms you need.

How Our Commercial Real Estate Lending Products Work

Our commercial lending products work in a way similar to a mortgage. It is a loan that enables you to purchase a property. As the lender, we would have a lien on the property, allowing the property to act as security for the loan.

With the commercial real estate loan, it is generally offered to somebody who is at least partially occupying the property. They may be entirely occupying it or may have tenants in part of the space. If you have leases with tenants already, that can enhance the value of the property and help demonstrate your ability to repay the loan.

If you are not occupying the property, you would be looking at a product such as an investment property loan. This is a different type of loan intended for those who hold a number of properties for investment purposes but do not occupy them for traditional business purposes.

Our Experienced Commercial Property Lending Team is Ready for You

Many of our clients have an existing business with the opportunity to purchase the building they occupy. For example, a restaurant or retailer may have the chance to purchase their building. The company previously renting a warehouse or commercial space may similarly have an opportunity present itself.

When these opportunities arise, it is often a sound business decision to acquire the property. However, to do this, you need to have funding in place to make that purchase. This is where commercial real estate lending comes into play.

In some situations, clients have the luxury of time to locate and negotiate a location. In other situations, it is a prime location with many interested parties. Or it may be a special circumstance where the owner of the property needs to liquidate the building quickly.

Whatever the situation, our professionals understand the challenges of commercial real estate. We understand the requirements for appraisals, title searches, insurance and more. We will work with you to get the deal done as quickly as possible.

Affinity Beyond Capital Can Provide Fast Decisions on Commercial Real Estate Financing

Traditional bank loans can take months to obtain. Their underwriting process is complex and time-consuming. In contrast, our underwriters move quickly. We understand what it takes to get commercial real estate financing in place and can work with you to help you get the deal done.


Don’t miss another opportunity with massive profits because funding options were not available. Work with the team at Affinity beyond Capital and let us help bring your deals to fruition.

Complete our online application or call our specialists at (516)743-3020 and let’s find out how our experts can help give you the lending product you need to continue growing your business.

The Funding Process at Affinity

Step 1


Apply online using the very simple application form or get in touch with one of our experts to discuss the process. To qualify, your business needs to be in operation and occupying at least 51% of the space in the building.

Step 2

Receive a Decision Fast

Not like traditional banks, we’re able to approve financing fast. We will need specific information about the property, which you can discuss with your account manager.

Step 3

Receive the Funding You Need

Once approved, we can help you through the process of acquiring the property.  Our funding team will work with you to complete your transaction as quickly as possible.

6 Excellent Reasons to Use Affinity for Commercial Real Estate Funding

With years of experience and countless deals completed, our professionals are able to help you get the funding you need for your commercial real estate purchase.

Fast Loans Approvals

Our underwriters don't require months to be able to approve your application. The majority of customers for commercial property loans get a determination fast, with an ability to close quickly once approved.

Rapid Provisioning of Funds

You often have a motivated seller with a great price, but they need to close fast. We will work with you to get the deal done as fast as possible.

Trusted by Clients Nationwide

We’ve handled commercial real estate loans across the country and can help you get your deal done fast.

Simple Application Process

We don’t need to know who your 3rd grade teacher was. We need the information necessary to make an informed decision on your loan application process. Help get us required documents quickly so we can move things along for you – and get you a great rate!

Fair Agreements

Many commercial real estate financing agreements are overly complex. Our process tries to simplify it, including easier to manage agreements that are fair and balanced.

Long-Term Business Relationships

We grow through client referrals and repeat business. We look forward to starting a long term relationship with you and your business!

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How Our Clients Use Our Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our loan products are used in many ways:

Apply Now for a Commercial Real Estate Loan through Affinity

If you’re ready to begin, our team is ready to help. We will work with you to get your commercial real estate loan application prepared. You can reach us at (516)743-3020 or click this link to apply now. If you aren’t ready to apply but want a quote, click here.

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