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Merchant Processing

Are you looking for Merchant Processing financing for your business? If yes, we are here to help!

What is Merchant Processing?

Merchant processing allows your business to accept credit cards, charge cards and debit cards for payment from your clients.

Processing can be with physical cards, by phone, mail order or ecommerce.

Whether you are growing your business, looking to give flexibility to clients, or setting up recurring billing or more, a merchant account is the perfect solution to accept payments in your business.

Merchant Processing Solutions

Let Us Be Your Merchant Processor

Switch your merchant processing now, and increase your profits on every sale from every customer!

We can provide you with a lower rate on your processing.  With lower fees, you keep more of the sales you generate.

Cutting fees can increase profits significantly!

business line of credit limits

Why Clients Love Our Credit Card Processing?

If you’re looking to set up processing, or are already set up with a processor, we can accommodate your needs. We will match or beat your current rate. 

How Do I Apply for Merchant Processing?

If you would like to apply now, contact us via our contact form or call (516)743-3020.

Merchant Processing

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