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Small Businesses Immune to Unexpected Crisis in 2020

The job market in 2020 was moving along as strong as the job market can go with record numbers of low unemployment. The coronavirus pandemic changed all that and people are finding themselves unemployed or in fear of possibly losing their job. Below are some careers and industries worth considering that seem to be immune to the unexpected pandemic. These are small business ideas that are easy to set up and launch. Take a look and see if any of them might work for you.

Home Repair, Renovations, and Remodeling

This business has been constantly growing ever since stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot have been around. Now there is the Home and Garden Channel (HGTV), and people are learning about these magnificent decorating ideas that just might work on their homes. Especially during the recent coronavirus pandemic, people are finding themselves at home with much-needed projects right in front of their eyes. These are the people looking for skilled professionals to help beautify their living spaces.


These small flying machines that take pictures and surveillance used to mainly be used by the military to spy on our foes. Now, that found their way into people’s lives across the world and are used for recreation, surveillance, search efforts, research, and much more. Where they used to be huge and expensive, they are now affordable, compact, and widely available. The technology is only getting better, and people and businesses are finding new ways to use these extremely versatile machines.


Employment platforms are emerging everywhere connecting anyone who can offer employment with anyone who needs to work. These platforms deal with every kind of work possible, every level of pay, and have potentially no borders since they are global. The concept of working from home has no limits through these relaxing platforms.

Virtual Reality

Still a fairly new industry, virtual reality has exploded among techies around the world. Even those who aren’t so tech-savvy are finding incredible satisfaction from the virtual world of wonder. The real estate industry is cashing in on virtual reality through marketing videos that take potential buyers on a tour through homes without ever leaving their own home. Other companies use it for training in teambuilding purposes, and social media users are using VR to enjoy friendly virtual interaction with each other online.

Skilled Tradesmen

With advancing technology, people are turning to computer-related, hands-off types of employment, and this has left a need for some skilled trades. These hands-on jobs include construction jobs, carpenters, roofers, welders, plumbers, electricians, masons, and many others that offer hands-on skills. These jobs have the potential to run from $70,000 up to $200,000 yearly! And since there is a high demand for skilled labor, these workers can demand higher compensation.

Software Development and Engineering

This is a job category that has been growing, is growing, and will continue to grow for years to come. Nothing in the technology industry is slowing down, and the typical salary is about $100,000. People with the skills often choose to work remotely from home while still enjoying the high salary of those working for companies.

Professional Organizers

This profession is a modern phenomenon where people go into businesses or homes and take the process of “tidying up” to a new level. This might include the physical design of storage space, garages, warehouses, offices, and just about any space you can imagine. There are even TV shows about this that viewers can’t seem to get enough of.


The term ‘sustainability’ refers to a concept popular in the ‘Green’ movement where we as human beings do our best not to plow through the natural resources that mother nature offers us. Sustainability refers to products that can be recycled, minimalism, and anything that will last a long time instead of having to be trashed and replaced within a short period of time. Sustainability is part of an effort to ensure there are enough natural resources for future generations.

These small business opportunities are just a few examples of some lucrative moneymaking ideas that are trending in 2020. If your skills fit some of the ones listed here, you should entertain the idea of making extra cash or possibly switching careers. If you have other skills that you think might be profitable in 2020, do some research and check out the income and demand associated with these skills if you decide if you can make a living doing something you love.